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© 2013 Trinity United Reformed Church - Milton Grove, Wigan, WN1 2PG  

Welcome to Trinity United Reformed Church, Wigan

. . .  a friendly Christian church for everyone

      Urgent News

Lest we Forget

The outbreak of World War One was one hundred years ago on  4 August 1914

Over the next 4 years (the duration of the war) there will be a period of National reflection, when we Remember all  those  who have given their lives in conflicts around the world.

70 years after the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp, we remember the millions who died in the Holocaust.



‘All together in Church’


Sunday 6 August

Morning Worship 10.45am

with Communion

Led by Mary Foley

Sunday 13 August

Morning Worship 10.45am

Led by Rev Ken Summers

Sunday 20 August

Morning Worship 10.30am

Led by Rev Chris Parker

Followed by Church Meeting

Sunday 27 August

Morning Worship 10.45am

Led by Jack Dean


Sunday 3 September

Morning Worship 10.45am

with Communion

Led by Rev Chris Parker

Tuesday 5 September

Elders’ Meeting 7.30pm

Sunday 10 September

Morning Worship 10.45am

Led by Rev Bill Fraser

Tuesday 12 September

Management Committee Meeting 7.30pm

Friday 15 September

Trinity ‘OATS’ & Youth Club

7.00 - 8.30pm

Saturday 16 September

Family Quiz Night 7.30pm

Sunday 17 September

Early Morning Communion 9.30am



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© 2013 Trinity United Reformed Church - Milton Grove, Wigan, WN1 2PG  

Jesus’ Ministry & Teaching


Is there more to life than this? Watch a youtube video

Recycled Goods Help save the planet

The Church is a group of friends whose lives have been changed by the love of Jesus - Come along and make new friends and discover Jesus for yourself. We are not perfect but Jesus is.

Sunday morning services, which are family services, start at 10:45am.

We are all together in church for the first part of our worship and then, on most Sundays, any young people go to their room for their own activities. Parents of toddlers are welcome to go with them if they wish.  Tea, coffee and squash are served after the services.  You are welcome.

Our Mission

We seek to offer and extend the love of God in Jesus Christ, spiritually, emotionally, supportively and caringly to all people and by doing so to make a positive difference to our neighbourhood and the wider world.

Jesus Rejected at Nazareth

When Jesus had finished telling these stories and illustrations, he left that part of the country. He returned to Nazareth, his hometown. When he taught there in the synagogue, everyone was amazed and said, “Where does he get this wisdom and the power to do miracles?” Then they scoffed, “He’s just the carpenter’s son, and we know Mary, his mother, and his brothers—James, Joseph, Simon, and Judas. All his sisters live right here among us. Where did he learn all these things?” And they were deeply offended and refused to believe in him.

Then Jesus told them, “A prophet is honoured everywhere except in his own hometown and among his own family.” And so he did only a few miracles there because of their unbelief.

Matthew 13/53 - 58 NLT

Who is Jesus?


Yoga Class


Wigan Music Soc.

Relax (Calm) Kids

Slimming World

Welcome to Trinity
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But seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness . . .

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Want to spend a structured quiet time with the Lord each day?

The United Reformed Church has a helpful archive you can link to here.

Good-bye and Thank You

In Ecclesiastes 3:1, we read, “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens” (NIV).

After two years of being cared for, encouraged and educated by you all (in one way or another), the time has come for me to say good-bye. As I write this, I do not yet know for certain where I am going – apart from obviously Haydock!  However, I do have an inkling - a hope - as I am in conversation with a couple of churches.  I will keep you informed via Chris and the elders.

I also want to say thank you.  I have enjoyed my time with you.  You really are an amazing group of people.  You are more courageous than you realise, more loving than you believe possible, and more generous in ways too numerous to count!  I am excited for you as you go through the LMMR process and take the time to stop and reflect on where you are as a church and consider where you would like to be. Yes, there are real challenges that quite a few churches like Trinity URC are facing.  But I want to urge you to see this LMMR process less as a chore to do, but rather as a journey to enjoy.

Journeying together is exciting at times, scary at times, uncertain, yet full of possibilities!  As you journey together, as you consider the role of Trinity URC in Wigan and your future, and as you consider the route you want to take together under God’s guidance, try and keep a couple of things in mind:

- Be good ‘travel buddies’.  Keep an eye on each other.  People travel at different paces.  Be aware where everybody is at.  Some days a person may be excited and run ahead.  Some days a person may be a bit nervous or even reflective, and walk at a slower pace.  

- Talk to each other.  If you are ‘falling behind’ and are worried of keeping up, let someone know.  If you are charging ahead with excitement, remember to stop and look and see where the others are.  Wait for people, double back if necessary.    

- Keep an eye on the “tour guide”.  Think of Jesus walking with you carrying a big yellow flag, guiding you through the ‘crowds’ of ideas to the place He is calling you to be.

I truly pray that God blesses you, and that you continue to be a blessing to others.

With sincere thanks for the blessing you have been to me and my family,

Angela Rigby (student minister)

For her leaving gift, the Trinity family presented Angela with a card, a cheque (donations from the church congregation) and a Holy Communion set which has been designed for taking the sacrament to the sick and housebound.  The card contained numerous fish each with a personal message to Angela and her family written on the back.

Au revoir Angela, we will miss you.