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Welcome to Trinity United Reformed Church, Wigan

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Welcome to Closeknit

Thank you to all the members of Closeknit who knitted and/or crocheted the daffodils in the Easter wreath on the cross in the sanctuary at Trinity.  

It was lovely that so many people said how much they appreciated the creation and wonderful that so many initially thought they were real flowers. (see detail above)


Choir & Music Group #top #top #top #top #top Every Tuesday evening   7.00 ‘til 9.00 p.m.
Knowledgeable and novice crafters welcome from 16 to 60+ 
Come and share crafts, friendship and refreshments at 
Trinity United Reformed Church, Milton grove, Wigan, WN1 2PG

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At the end of July 2017, Heather Cameron, a volunteer from the Torch Trust, which is an organisation helping blind people, came to speak to us at Closeknit.  It is through Torch that the blankets and sweaters knitted by our members are transported to Malawi and we were really interested to hear how they were received.  She showed us many photos of Malawian children with smiling faces wearing brightly coloured sweaters and cardigans, and mothers with babies wrapped in blankets. Some of us even thought we recognised our handiwork!   Many people in Malawi are desperately poor, and blind people are often even poorer and unable to provide for their families.  Heather told us that the shipping container with goods for Malawi which goes over about once a year is overseen at all stages by a Torch worker, often Janet Stafford, who wrangles with the port authorities and refuses to pay bribes.  After the container is unpacked into a store room, Janet personally delivers food and clothing etc. to needy families.  So we can be sure that our knitted goods get to the right people.

On the Tuesday Heather was with us we also had a collection of soap and face clothes, about 50 of each, for her to take for Malawi.  These are such simple, basic things but Heather assured us that they would bring joy and put smiles on many faces.  She was also delighted to take with her our latest stock of knitted goods, four bin bagsful, for delivery to the collection point.

The Torch Trust is a Christian organisation which also works with blind people in this country providing fellowship and support to people who often feel lonely and marginalised.

If you want to learn more about the work of Torch at home or in Malawi you can go to    There is also some literature in our church foyer.

Janet Dixon


Closeknit members looking content,

Following a banquet truly heaven sent.

Distributing presents brought by Secret Santa

Then sharing entertainment and jovial banter.