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Welcome to Trinity United Reformed Church, Wigan

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Welcome to Trinity Players

In March 2013 we put on an amateur production of Joseph by arrangement with The Really Useful Group Ltd, which was Directed by Ruth Parker.

Lyrics by Tim Rice   Music

by Andrew Lloyd Webber

Trinity Players - Oliver

In February 2014 we hope you enjoyed our musical "Oliver"

Wigan Music Soc.

Trinity Players is a group of folk from the church and local community who put on a pantomime or a show to raise funds for charity or church.

We hope that you enjoyed our production of:

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs by Peter Denyer

here at Trinity on Wednesday 17 to Saturday 20 February 2016

“Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs”

by The Trinity Players - February 2016

Well, we asked ‘for more’ after the Trinity Players presentation of the musical Oliver and they have not disappointed, serving up a very hearty pantomime, “Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs”, in 2 Acts and 14 scene changes, played to a packed house over 4 nights.  My wife and I attended on the Saturday, the last night and far from flagging, the 36 cast members, from the very young to not so young, gave a slick, engaging and outstanding performance.  It was a real full length pantomime with all the ingredients of good clean panto fun but without any of the disasters one might expect from an amateur production.

The most discerning critics – the children – shouted and screamed and brought the house down . . . “Oh no they didn’t” . . . “Oh yes they did.”  Stirred up by Rev Chris Parker playing Juggles and David Grady as Muddles, the clowns wove continuity and stand-up humour into the programme and most of the children and some of the adults must have been hoarse by the end of the evening.  Queen Morgiana, played by Sarah Grady, was “truly wicked” and further incited the audience to a cacophony of boos every time she appeared and . . . where was Ivan the Ghost?  . . . “It’s behind you!”  . . .  “Where?”  . . .

The Seven (DWARFS) were certainly “Dudes Who Are Reet Funny Sizes” ranging from Prof at about 6 foot 3 inches down to Loopy’s 3+ feet.  All seven played their parts believably well and lived up to their names with Sniffy adding considerably to the germ count and Snoozy falling asleep at every opportunity.  Grumbly, Blusher and Cheeky completed the contingent.  Emma Guenther, who was Oliver in the 2014 production, was transformed into the beautiful Fairy Good Heart and Fagin in 2014 (Chris Mangham) was The Mirror on the wall – a camp performance if ever there was one.

The story opened in the Village of Much Snoring moving through the Castle to the Throne Room and then to the edge of the Forest and the Diamond Mine, before we arrived at the Mirror Chamber and Dwarfs Cottage.  The tension and drama created by the sound and lighting effects were intensified by the musical and vocal dialogue provided by Walter Ashcroft on piano and Katrina Peet on violin.  A stunning performance by Snow White (Emily Priestley) was finally brought to life by Prince Lorenzo (Maisie Picton) with the kiss and the The Royal Wedding scene. Every member of the cast and chorus added to the familiar story; adults and children (too numerous to mention) shone in their various parts and the children’s chorus was a particular delight.  Herman and Herbert (Isobel Hitchen and Tony Currie) did Justice to their characters.

As can be seen from the programme, the costumes were all elaborately and beautifully made by Sylvia Inglis, Joan Robinson and Audrey Middleton – a real labour of love.  It was a magnificent team achievement from the Direction by Ruth Parker, its production, the scenery and props, the hair (wigs and all) and make-up, to the backstage crew.  Trish Reilly was discreet and rarely called upon, just as well as she was Prompt.  The lighting gallery and spots were in the capable hands of Michael Austin, while son Stephen Austin and Henry Vaughan managed the radio mikes, amplification system and musical interludes as well as delivering the many sound effects, spot-on on cue.  Well done!

Refreshments were welcome and provided at no extra charge during the 15 minute interval.  What an audience, entering whole heartedly into the story and mayhem as it unfolded on stage. It was a night to remember.  If you missed out this year on a family treat, we encourage you to make sure you book early for the next production.  We echo Oliver’s words “Please Sir can we have some more?”  Watch this space – The Trinity Players are not to be missed.

Greg & Pam Wheal (Review)

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Photos of the production are printed with the kind permission of Adam Voyce.

Trinity Players Present

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs

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Trinity Players - Joseph