What to expect

We are part of the United Reformed Church and we have freedom to offer worship in many different ways.

We meet every Sunday Morning to worship God and have our morning service at 10.45am

The church is usually open from 10.15am

You will be warmly welcomed as you enter the building.

When you enter the church you can sit anywhere – people do not have ‘their seat’.

During the service there will be talks, videos, music, dramas, hymns, and bible readings on the theme of the day.

You are welcome to join in with everything, or to sit back and take it all in

On the first Sunday of each month we share communion (bread and wine) together. All are invited to share in this important part of our faith.

At the end of the service we serve tea, coffee, juice and biscuits and spend time chatting with each other

If you have children, we have a children’s corner in the church with a table where a leader provides activities for children and teenagers. If you have a young baby, we have mats and toys for them to play with. We do not expect children to be quiet all the time.

Everyone is welcome.